Let's Go To Crochet School!

Thank you for ariving to this new blog and new begining! I love crocheting and it has been a secret of mines to crochet.

What is funny about this journey is that I am just now sharing my joy for crochet  and I want you to understand how important crocheting can be in your life. You need this analog craft life of crochet beacuse it will help you umplug and relax. 

When I crochet in public, sometimes, whichout effort, I make a spectacle out of myself. When on the train, women and men allways glance over to te what I am making with such color bright yarns. That group, who is curiouse, about 20% ask express a desire to learn how to crochet.

 I love listening and often learn by doing so.  In the end of the chat I share with them that how I taught myself how to crochet. There are so many ways to learn to croochet but this particular way does not cut corners and never looses value!

 Isn't that good news! Below are listed a 5 of my current favorite, free,  and valuable ways to help get you started on your chrocheting journey to the moon.

1.  The Beginners Guide To Crochet - Craftsy.com

2. The Fool Proof Guide To Adorable Amigurumi - Craftsy.com

3. Around We Go: Tips & Tutorials for Crocheting in the Round -Craftsy.com

4. Lovely Lacy Crochet: 4 Classic Lace Stitches to Master - Craftsy.com

5.  How to Finish Your Crochet With Confidence at Craftsy.com 

 This is a brand new start and what better way to start this crocheting journy with tools to help you get  to where you want to go.   Read more about my journey and this blog here! 


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